"It's Time To Put Kentucky First!"

Be Your Own Spokesperson

We will not have a spokesperson other than William Woods.  It is his belief that anyone pushing a political agenda should be able to speak for themselves at all times.  This will make it clear that miscommunication isn't acceptable.  The people of the Commonwealth deserve more from their leaders.

Citizens First Agenda

Our goal is to make it clear that the era of big business will end.  Governor Bevin has touted an agenda focusing on engineering excellence and new business in our Commonwealth.  In doing so, he has left our citizens behind by sending tax breaks to corporations instead of citizens.

Speaking Out on Corruption

Make no mistake, we will call out corruption when and where we see it.  We will push for a lean government, cuts to executive pay and non-essential programs and positions that cost taxpayers millions.


Dignity - Integrity - Honor

William E. Woods is a School Bus Driver at Boone County Schools and a Real Estate Agent at the Northern Kentucky office of Keller-Williams Realty.  

Woods spent a decade in business management, including 8 years in private security.  His most recent tenure was as an Account Manager, specializing in aviation security at several international airports across the United States.

the Average citizen

One of the reasons Woods decided to drive for Boone County Schools was the enjoyment he found as an Over-the-Road Truck Driver for Swift Transportation a decade ago.  As a proponent of common sense thinking and results oriented leadership - Woods will use skills learned while serving in blue-collar positions to provide solid leadership on DAY ONE!